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Crunch Time

It’s been an exciting week for nature photographers around the world, but particularly for Australians. Shortlists for the ANZANG and Veolia/BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year were emailed out. In my opinion, the latter remains the pinnacle of prestige in … Continue reading

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I Believe

Sometime in the recent past along my photographic journey, I started to believe in myself to a degree that was new to me. Every time I step outside with my camera, I now truly believe that a shot is out … Continue reading

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Getting Emotional

While in my teenage years, a lot of my life revolved around performing music. At first, I liked to play fast and loud. Technique came first, interpretation second. With maturity and more life experiences, I developed more musicality in my … Continue reading

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To Catch a Ghost

Some landscapes are there for the taking by anybody who happens to be present. Then there are those which remain invisible to many who wander by. They unveil themselves to those with an open mind and in touch with the … Continue reading

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My Journey – The Mountain and I

This week, I returned to the place where I captured my first landscape photographs. It was more than eight years ago when I took some handheld snaps with a borrowed D-SLR of Australia’s most famous and distinctive peak, Cradle Mountain … Continue reading

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Shooting Seascapes with Alister Benn – eBook Review

It had been a long time between blog articles when I started writing this. So perhaps it was ironic that the main reason for beginning this entry were the words of another photographer. Over the second half of 2013, life … Continue reading

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The Call of the Wild

I am recently returned from the longest workshop I’ve ever done. It was a 21 day adventure tour which started on the South Island of New Zealand and finished at Phillip Island off the Victorian coast in Australia. The run … Continue reading

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Decoding the Complex Landscape

While I enjoy the clean look of simplicity in a landscape composition, I find myself most drawn to the complex both visually and creatively. On a recent private workshop through New Zealand and Australia, a client revealed to me that … Continue reading

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Into Aether

The measure of the landscape photographer’s art lies in what he or she does when the light is working against them. I spent my first few years as a landscape photographer chasing the sweet light. After all, I am Magic … Continue reading

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The Big and the Small

Sometimes I think the perfect landscape shoot is when I come back with something big and something small. Here are pairs of images I photographed during the same shoot.              

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