I Believe

DesignSometime in the recent past along my photographic journey, I started to believe in myself to a degree that was new to me. Every time I step outside with my camera, I now truly believe that a shot is out there somewhere for me, no matter what the conditions. I think this new-found belief and change in attitude has had a positive effect on my work. No longer being tied down by the magic hours gave me the freedom and confidence to pursue a more diverse looking range of landscapes.

Our ability to make telling landscape images should not be at the mercy of the presence or absence of auroras, blazing sunsets or lighting strikes. We are limited only by our imaginations.

Sometimes it may be a matter of waiting for a subtle but often predictable change in the conditions to produce the missing ingredient from an image. The slight clearing in the mist near the cliffs during a rather dreary morning shoot made the difference between a flat seascape or one with a special luminosity.

Caressing the Sea

Caressing the Sea

“Rhythm of the Wind” is a newly released seascape from New Zealand captured during a fine afternoon which has become one of my favourites. Creating something from conditions which gave little away to the landscape photographer was very satisfying. On this occasion, without an obvious scene to shoot, I put away my camera and carefully observed my surroundings until something caught my eye. It wasn’t too long before I noticed the way light was illuminating streaks of sand blowing across the beach.

Rhythm of the Wind

Rhythm of the Wind

How important do you think self-belief is in the image creation process?

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  1. This is a very good and valid point. It is rather boring with all the “Magic Hour” photos you see of the same scenes – everybody taking the same photos.
    Thank you for the good blogs and photos

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