To Catch a Ghost

Breath of God

Breath of God

Some landscapes are there for the taking by anybody who happens to be present. Then there are those which remain invisible to many who wander by. They unveil themselves to those with an open mind and in touch with the environment at hand.

“Breath of God” is an example of the former – a majestic landscape and light show that smacks you in the face. Right now, I’m focused on making the best use of whatever conditions are dished up. And often they can be rather good. I was completely taken by surprise by this spectacular light show when a storm blew in just as the alpen glow was hitting both horns of Cradle Mountain.  So despite becoming a bit blasé about these sorts light displays lately, I found myself in a fist-pumping state on what might as well have been the top of the world.

“Apparition” was photographed the next morning in the aftermath of the inclement weather which had arrived overnight. It was wet and visibility poor. Paths and roads seemed to disappear into a white vacuum. Subsequently, this tree suddenly materialised out of nowhere. Just as the fog was rising at an alarming rate, I managed a handful of exposures before it had cleared to the point where the mystery had too.




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  1. I love trees and love this one. It has a lot of Character! Great shot!

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