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With my expansion into the world of Facebook with a personal and official page, it’s become more convenient for me to share what goes into the creation of the photographs you see on my web galleries. These may be alternative versions or “B-sides”, material from the “cutting room floor” and a look at what happens before and after the shutter click. I’ve had 500 subscribers sign up to the Magic Hour Travelscapes page in the first week which is not bad. But given that there are many more on my personal account, I’m hoping the rest you subscribe to the official FB page which can be found here.

Today on Facebook we are going to look at what really goes on behind those black and white street photos from Paris. People and workshop participants often ask how best to approach street photography. Do you interact with the people in any way? Or do you try to blend in with the crowd or distance yourself from the scene waiting for that decisive moment? Do you ever set up a scene? The answer is all of the above, although the great majority are completely unscripted candid snaps. Part of the skill set is developing an instinct for what the best approach will be. I’ll be posting specific examples on Facebook today.

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