Carnevale is Over

I’ve just wrapped up my shooting in Venice. It was fantastic to catch up with many of the masks I had photographed on the two previous Carnevales I attended. This year, I managed to squeeze in three full days in Venice and unfortunately one of them was completely rained out. The bulk of my images were captured on the final day of the festival, which started with sunrise at Piazza San Marco followed by photographing my friend “Sophie Farfalla” at many locations around Venice. (You may recall I interviewed her last year in a blog article.) Her costume, inspired by the colours of the marble at San Zaccaria church, was one of the most impressive at Carnevale this year. In true paparazzi-fashion, people were constantly swarming around trying to take photos of her. Sophie was very patient and obliging with the crowds, after all, the masks come to Carnevale to be photographed.

Farfalla and the Crowds

I know I was completely exhausted at the end of the day so I can only imagine how tired she was, in her costume performing all her poses with a flourish from sunrise to sunset. Needless to say, I have tons of photos and I may have to give Farfalla her own gallery on my website! In the meantime, check out a small selection of images up on the web gallery, including this one of Farfalla at Piazza San Marco. It was one of the first photographs I made and it seems to capture the operatic setting and theatre of Carnevale di Venezia. Do have a look at the large version on the website too.

Farfalla at Piazza San Marco

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