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I’ve decided to do a regular feature called Blog Watch which is a way of tagging interesting or noteworthy articles I come across. Reading these is a great way during downtimes in between trips or processing images to fire the spirit of adventure, ignite creative juices and pay tribute to the wanderlust within. Ticking all these boxes is Guy Tal’s recent interview with Marc Adamus. When Marc exploded onto the scene about 5 years ago, he quickly became one of the most inspirational landscape photographers in the world. Just looking at where we are today, his influence is obvious. His work and style is probably the most imitated of any photographer I’ve seen. My advice is to use Marc as inspiration but those seeking to copy too closely should bear in mind that most imitations fail miserably in comparison with the original. Thanks Guy for this fantastic insight into Marc’s life, philosophy and approach to photography and processing.

In the meantime, I’m preparing a workshop gallery including ‘behind the scenes’ images from New Zealand, which should be up in the next week.

Photographing Tekapo

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